Inspired by a Zen proverb, Chop Wood Daily Mindfulness Challenge is a minimalist wood-splitting activity that promotes simplicity, harmony, and relaxation. Set in a tranquil Japanese-style landscape, with ever-changing seasonal conditions, and a captivating original soundtrack, Chop Wood aspires to bring you peace through play.

Is Chop Wood a meditation disguised as a game; or is it a game disguised as a meditation? Both! It is an experience designed to promote well-being through engagement, rather than formal instruction.

While most meditation and mindfulness apps guide the participant, Chop Wood locates the player within a visual poem where there is a simple, repetitive task, a rhythmic engagement, a peaceful context, uplifting music, and a satisfying action.

Chop Wood is a game of days intended to be played in short intervals over extended periods of time. It is a game. It is a practice. It is a meditation. It asks you to slow down. Unlike most games, Chop Wood’s game-play has a daily limit. When you run out of energy the game is over until the next calendar day. Chop Wood seeks to enhance your life, not take it over.

Can a game help you to relax? Can a game add balance to your day? We think so! Our goal is to create a satisfying yet calming mobile gaming experience: A Tamagotchi for the Soul.

We hope you will find peace in this simple activity.


  • Dynamic game weather based on player location
  • Original soundtrack by renowned composer Michiyo Yagi
  • Seasonal scenery inspired by Japanese prints
  • 22 Color Grades
  • 8 Animal Badges
  • Pay once, play forever
  • No subscriptions, in-app purchases or advertisements


Chop Wood is intended to be a minimal Zen experience to focus awareness and calm the mind, inspired by the Zen proverb: “Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water.”

With the demonstrated health benefits of mindfulness meditation, yoga, and other awareness practices, we wanted to create a game that brought some of those benefits to people everywhere via mobile devices. Peace through play.


Game Designer: Ken Hudson

Lead Developer: Nikhil Jolly

Lead Artist: Jessica Slusark

Original Soundtrack: Michiyo Yagi

Narration: Felix Hoo


No project like this goes without the input and assistance of a wide group of supporters. Chop Wood is no exception, and we offer our thanks to the great people who helped us along the way:

  • Brandy Gale
  • Henry Kaiser
  • Jonathan Richter
  • Lucinda Pritchard
  • Callum Hudson
  • Ian Hughes
  • Ann Steckel
  • Mark Bell
  • Effie Gournis
  • Patty Kearney
  • Rick Moore
  • Barbara Hudson-Halabi
  • Mark Gibson
  • Henry Willis
  • Becky Harris
  • Rick Miller
  • Kathryn Anne Flynn
  • Anthony Fontana
  • Patrick Lichty
  • Bruce Barnes
  • Bill May
  • Karl Kapp
  • Henry Knight
  • Mark Rappaport
  • Susan Mellor
  • Lorne Cooper
  • Teemu Moilanen
  • Mathew Lincez
  • Daphne Moore
  • Joan Marsteller
  • Tony Walsh
  • Michelle Osborne Grimes
  • Joanne Samuels Pilon