Chop Wood: Works for Pre-launch Jitters too!

This week we are getting ready to launch Chop Wood Daily Mindfulness Game. Launch our app, our vision, our passion to the world…after a year of effort. No matter how exciting this moment is, it’s also the kind of moment that freaks you out!

Last night was like that for me. The press release is about to go out, the test market ads aren’t responding as I anticipated, some business communication is going astray, and just to bring the moment to a fever pitch, a toddler meltdown during dinner. Following my own advice, I stepped out to take a break by going to the local coffee shop. Feeling completely frazzled I fumbled with my phone through social media. Not surprisingly, the news of the world on my feed didn’t help me relax one bit. I took a breath and realized this is the perfect time to play Chop Wood. I loaded up the game and started to play, half watching, half distracted by my own thoughts.

Then a remarkable thing happened: I started to feel grounded and relaxed. Having played it a bazillion times analytically trying to refine the experience, for the past few months I have relied on other people to give me feedback about how the game slows them down, helps them calm, breath, and ultimately feel more relaxed. It was my hypothesis, but now, in a moment of need, my chicken came home to roost.

That was the kind of breakthrough that I really needed, and it reminded me of why I created Chop Wood in the first place. The mobile space is filled with a range of digital distractions that end up taking us away from our emotions. I use those apps all the time, so it’s not a critique, just an observation. I created Chop Wood precisely to allow for an alternative, one that you could use to cultivate a positive habit, or, as in my case, reach for when you need to touch the ground. I was able to “transform my attention by quieting and focusing,” a process illustrated in Susan Kaiser Greenland’s new book Mindful Games.

There are still a few hurdles before our scheduled December 9th launch, and then multiple post-launch milestones. I’m sure that I will have other moments where I reach for my game to help me stay calm. I hope that you will also find value in this simple and fun approach to coming back to yourself.

Chop Wood Daily Mindfulness Game launches December 9th for Android and iOS mobile devices. 

Ken Hudson is the Founder of Sage Immersive Realities Inc., and he designed Chop Wood.

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